How to apply a valley-fold in origami

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valley-fold in origami




This page is for those who want the instructions to learn how to apply a valley-fold.


Valley-fold is one of two important folding technique in origami. Equally important folding technique is Mountain-fold. If you know these two techniques, then you can fold almost all of simple origami models.


This is an animated instruction so it would be very easy to follow through. You are not required to have any prior knowledge about origami.



valley-fold in origami: front side of paper


When you are studying an origami diagram, you will be encountered with line symbols such as dashed line or dot-dashed line.


A simple dashed line represents a valley-fold while a dot-dashed line for a mountain-fold.


Here I use the red color for a valley-fold and the blue color for a mountain-fold just for a convenience.