Copyright Infringement



Recently I have found so many youtube videos infringe the copyright of my origami models. I need to say something to those who made or will make videos of my models without permission.


If you make a video without permission, I will report to YouTube (or any organization) directly without contacting you. You will certainly get a "copyright strike" from YouTube. If you receive a copyright strike, this will limit your access to special YouTube features.


So if you plan to make one, please refrain yourself from doing it. If you have already made one, please remove it immediately.


Google's general policy is to suspend YouTube users who have three copyright strikes.


Also please do not use any image from this site without permission. Copying image is also a violation of copyright.


Here is one example! The following YouTube channel made videos using all of my models without permisson.


From now on, periodically I will keep monitoring YouTube origami channels.


If you are a teacher, you don't need to get permission to use origami models in your school project. Also you can freely use any photo and link in your school website.





copyright infringement


Here is another one. This channel video-taped 356 origami diagrams from The channel is shown below: