Instructions to learn base origami folding techniques



Origami is the art of folding paper into a shape representing an object. There are many folding techniques (base origami folds) that you need to learn to form a shape out of a piece of paper. Two most important techniques are valley-fold and mountain-fold. At least, you must know what they are and you will have no problem of folding a simple origami model by using only these two folding techniques.



Valley fold

origami fold: valley-fold



Mountain fold










Next, you should get to know the difference between outside reverse-fold and inside reverse-fold. These two folding techniques can be indicated with only valley and mountain fold symbols instead of more sophisticated symbol.




Outside reverse fold

outside reverse fold in origami



Inside reverse fold

outside reverse fold in origami





If you want to make two equal parts, you need to apply a valley or mountain-fold. There are times when you want to make 3, 4, or 5 equal parts. In this case, you need to learn the following folding techniques.





Make 3 Equal Parts



origami Z-fold




Make 4 Equal Parts


Gate fold

gate fold





Make 5 Equal Parts


Stair fold

stair fold






There are other folding techniques that you need to learn are shown below. It is essential for you to master all of them.




Balloon fold

balloon fold



Square fold

square fold



Nail fold

nail fold





Chair fold

chair fold



Kite fold

kite fold



Rabbit Ear fold

petal fold





Cushion fold

cushion fold



Petal fold

petal fold



Squash fold

squash fold






Crimp fold

crimp fold



Pleat fold

pleat fold




Pocket fold

pocket fold



Swivel fold

swivel fold




Reverse Swivel fold

reverse swivel fold







Open sink fold

open sink-fold



Closed sink fold

closed sink-fold




Open-closed sink fold

open-closed sink-fold



Closed-open sink fold

closed-open sink-fold








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