How to make origami panda



You can learn to make various kinds of origami panda here.



Face of Panda


easy origami panda

beginner-Hyo Ahn

This face of origami panda starts from a cushion-base. You will be learning to fold a various kinds of squash-folds for this model.


Body of Panda


easy origami panda



Copyright Hyo Ahn


This body of origami panda makes a body for the face of origami panda.

It starts with a 8x8 matrix base. First I used a 18cm x 18cm origami paper to fold the body and found out that the head is too large compare to the body. Finally I used 30cm x 30cm origami paper to make the body and it look good. So I recommend to use 30cm x 30cm paper to make the body if you used a typical origami paper (15cm x 15cm) to fold the head.




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