Open-closed sink-fold in origami

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open-closed sink fold in origami




Open-closed sink-fold is a mixed folding of both open sink-fold and closed sink-fold. Here open sink-fold is applied to the left side while closed sink-fold for the right side. Before learning this folding technique, try to learn what both open sink-fold and closed sink-fold are. In this tutorial, I will start with both square base and balloon base to what open-closed sink-fold does to any model.


open-closed sink-fold in origami: front side of paper


The "open-closed sink-fold" symbol can be shown as "open sink-fold" line on the left while "closed sink-fold" line on the right,


Here we are applying open-closed sink-fold to both a balloon and a square base.

open-closed sink-fold in origami: back side of paper


If we apply "open-closed sink-fold", then both balloon and square bases will be turn into one without head.


In the next page, the instruction will show how to apply the open-closed sink-fold in detail.



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Open-closed Sink-fold In Origami

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