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traditional origami star


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This page is for those who want the instruction to fold a traditional origami star.


Initially traditional origami star starts with both horizontal and vertical Z-folds. Then subsequent valley and mountain-folds allow us to make a simple crease patter which would deliver a traditional origami star.


Before working on this model, you need to know what valley-fold and mountain-fold are. If you know these two folding techniques, then you will have no problem in making origami star.


If you are ready, then let's get started.


If you find any bugs on this instruction, please send an email to HyoAhn's email.


You may use any kind of paper to fold the origami star. Make sure the paper that you use is a square (all sides are equal and all the angles equal 90 degrees). The paper I am using here is a 15cm x 15cm square origami paper. It is a good size for those who are not experienced in paper folding. If you are become familiar with this model. Then you can try smaller size paper.

traditional origami star: front side of paper


This is the front side of paper.

traditional origami star: back side of paper


This is the back side of paper which is the different color from the front side.



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How To Make A Traditional Origami Star

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