How to make a simple triangular origami tube

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triangular origami tube


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This page is for those who want the instruction to fold a simple origami triangular tube.


This simple origami tube has a triangular-shape cross-section. There is no special folding technique involved with this model.


Before working on this model, you need to know what valley-fold and mountain-fold are. If you know these two folding techniques, then you will have no problem in making origami tube.


If you are ready, then let's get started.


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You may use any kind of paper to fold the origami tube. Make sure the paper that you use is a triangular (all sides are equal and all the angles equal 90 degrees). The paper I am using here is a 14cm x 14cm triangular paper. It is a good size for those who are not experienced in paper folding. If you are become familiar with this model. Then you can try smaller size paper.

simple triangular origami tube: front side of paper


This is the front side of paper which will become the exterior of the tube

simple triangular origami tube: back side of paper


This is the back side of paper which will become the interior of the tube.



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How To Make A Simple Triangular Origami Tube

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