The Way of Making Origami



Are you interested in learning origami? If your answer is yes, then welcome to Origami-Make.


You will be able to learn from simple origami models to advance ones here. If you have not folded any origami models before, you should learn both valley-fold and mountain-fold. You must know what these two folding techniques are before working on any model. Initially you should get started with easy origami models. The models are traditional ones and it is good to learn these models first before tackling on more advanced ones.


If you are an experienced folder, then you can start working on models with intermediate level.


I hope you learn folding origami models presented here and also hope you having a fun while working on any model. I will try to present instructions as clearly as possible but if I make any mistakes, I would like to receive an email from you to correct any error. Also I would like to receive any feedback or comments from you. So please send an email to hyo ahn's email.


Now, let's get started.


Folding Techniques

origami folding techniques

You will learn both origami folding techniques and origami bases here.


Easy Origami

easy origami

You will learn easy origami models here.


Origami Instructions

origami instructions

Origami instructions for all models in this site.



Origami Heart

origami heart

You will learn 3D & 2D origami hearts here.


Origami Star

origami star

There are many kinds of origami stars (2D, 3D, embossed, diamond shape, and etc).


3D Origami

3D origami

There are various kinds of 3D origami models here.



Traditional Origami

origami crane

You will learn traditional origami models here.


Origami Box

origami box

There are many kinds of origami boxes.


Origami Airplane

origami airplane

There are various kinds of origami airplane models here.










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