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This page is for those who want the instruction to fold a origami lucky star.


The origami lucky star is a very special model since it requires a long strip instead of a square paper. Initially you need to make a pentagon wrapped with many layers of strip. At the end you will convert it into a five-pointed star.


It has been told that every piece of origami star is representing a wish from you to someone you care and love. Depending upon the number of origami star you make, it conveys different meanings:


1 star
55 stars Never regret for loving you
66 stars Wishing our love is borderless
99 stars Wishing to be with you forever and ever
101 stars You are the only one in my life
129 stars Wishing you will love me forever and ever
548 stars Wishing you love me deeply
999 stars Forever love
1000 stars Never regret for loving you forever ever
10000 stars Love you 10,000 years



If you find any bugs on this instruction, please send an email to HyoAhn's email.


The strip that I am using is commercially available one (18mm x 490mm). But you can make your own strip.


origami lucky star: front side of paper


This is the front side of the strips.

origami lucky star: back side of paper


This is the back side of the strips.


As you can see, the back side is not shiny compared to the front side.



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How To Make An Origami Lucky Star

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